Six Figure Success Stories


Here are some success stories from guitar teachers we have worked with from all around the world.



The Six Figure Club

These teachers are earning $100,000 or more annually in their studios

Vanessa Munns
Mrs Munns Music

Vanessa is a multi-instrumental teacher from Beacon, Western Australia... A country town of only 300 people. Vanessa worked with Michael on a special strategy that combined both in-person and online teaching.

Time to 6 Figures: 9 Months

Caryn Eastman
Eastman Academy of Music

Caryn sold her music school and moved to a remote town in North Queensland to start fresh. We've worked together on a business model where she only works 40 weeks of the year but still makes a 6-figure while getting 12 weeks of holiday time!

Time To 6 Figures - 5 Months

Daniel Bainsbridge
Albany Guitar Lessons

Daniel has been teaching guitar part-time for the better part of the last decade. After joining the program he was able to quickly hit 6 figures, quit his day job and take on his first commercial lease

Time to 6 Figures - 3 Months 

Alex Stroud
Level Up Guitar School

Alex is a guitar teacher located in Rochdale QLD. He wanted to build a business that gave him a 3-day weekend every week and he now makes over $100k teaching 3 hours a day 4 days a week!

Time to 6 Figures: 11 Months

Guitar Teacher In NSW

'Bob' (who doesn't want his identity made public) joined the 6 Figure Program to rebuild his business after quitting teaching altogether during the pandemic. He was our first member to reach 6 Figures and did so in 5 months.

Time to 6 Figures - 5 Months

Daniel Bainsbridge
Albany Guitar Lessons

Daniel is appearing here a second time as a placeholder... but is very close to crossing the multiple-figure mark. Stay tuned!

Time to 6 Figures - 3 Months 

The $5000 Club

These teachers have grown their business to the milestone of $5000+ per month and are well on their way to 6 Figures

Padraig O'Kane
Miami Guitar Academy

Padraig has been a professional guitar teacher for over 3 decades with many years spent as a tenured Professor of Guitar at multiple prestigious universities. Since joining the 6 Figure Program he's making double his university salary in half of the hours he would normally teach.

Current Monthly Revenue: $6000

Nick Dozer
Southern Ohio Music Academy

Nick is a musician and Entrepreneur from Ohio USA who owns a music academy and regularly gigs as a musician. Nick has grown his studio from 10 students up to 35 and is very close to hitting 6 Figures

Current Monthly Revenue: $6500

Josh Gillis
Gillis Guitar Lessons

Josh is a budding entrepreneur from Mississippi with a young family and a growing music school. He is also a founding member of Guitar Boss. We helped Josh grow his business to 5 Figures (so far) without spending any money on ads.

Current Monthly Revenue: $6000

James Pedan
JP Academy of Music

James is a guitar, piano and drum teacher located just outside of Melbourne. He's been able to grow his studio from 40 students to over 100 as a member of Guitar Ninjas.

Current Monthly Revenue: $7000

Richard Constable
Guitar Journey Weighbridge

Richard joined 6 Figure Guitar Teacher to rebuild his business post-pandemic. After getting his business re-organised he was able to get a stead inflow of students and finally crack the $5k per month barrier.

Current Monthly Revenue: $6000

Simon Edgell
Guitar Player's Edge

Simmo has been teaching guitar on and off for over 15 years and finally decided to get serious about growing a teaching business. He went from 2 students to 20 students in his first three months and is well on his way to 6 figures.

Current Monthly Revenue: $5500

Notable Members

These guitar teachers and music studio owners were already successful in their own right but have worked with me to improve various aspects of their businesses.

Lauren Bateman
LB Music School & Youtube

Lauren Bateman is the owner of two music schools, her own online guitar school and a very successful Youtube Channel. Already an extremely successful entrepreneur, Lauren worked with me to improve her Facebook Ads.

Current Revenue: 7 Figures

Ben Plant
Pathfinder Guitar

Ben was my co-guitarist back when I played in a heavy metal band. He really wasn't enjoying working 40 hours in a 9-5 (and not being able to get time off to tour was a problem for the whole band) so I gave him my business model and encouraged him to make his own guitar school.

Current Revenue: $200,000+

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