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Learn The Facebook Ads Secrets I've Used To Sign Up 200+ Students In Less Than 12 Months


When I first started Melbourne Guitar Academy in 2015 it took me 12 months to grow my studio to 6 figures and another 6 months (18 in total) to break the multiple six-figure mark of $200,000 as a solo guitar teacher!

I used a number of marketing methods but Facebook Ads WAS NOT one of them...

In 2022 (after 18 of the previosu 24 months being spent in lockdown in the world's most locked-down city) I relocated my home and opened a new studio on the other side of town and started fresh.

It took me 4 months to grow my studio to 6 Figures and only an additional month to get it over the multiple 6 figure mark!

While I can attribute having accumulated better business knowledge and using pre-existing systems that I hadn't built yet back in 2015 for part of the success, the major difference was that I used Facebook Advertising to reach the exact type of customer I wanted direct to their phone/computer instantly through Facebook.

It was an absolute game-changer for me and for the 5 Guitar Teacher's I've successfully coached to 6 Figures in their own Guitar Teaching Studios!

I've invested tens of thousands into cracking the code on Facebook Ads and adapting all I've learned into the perfect ad campaign for music teachers that gets me 80-120 leads every month.

And if it works for me, it can work for you too!

What's Included

A Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Blueprint & Tutorial that shows you how to step up your own Facebook Ads

Access to my 3 Highest Performing Adverts of all time so you can easily duplicate my success in your business

Confused or overwhelmed by the complexity of FB? I can set up your ads and monitor them for as long as needed.



Grow Your Studio

I Helped These Teachers Grow Their Studios To 6 Figures In Less Than 12 Months 


Alex Stroud

Level Up Guitar School

"Working with Michael has been one of the best investments I've ever made. I was sceptical at first but can attest he's the real deal!"

Caryn Eastman

Eastman Academy Of Music

"I've been able to grow my studio to $120,000 in 10 months and we're only just getting started, thanks Michael"

Growing Your Business Is Easy With Facebook Advertising

DIY Facebook Ads Bundle


Do It Yourself

  • DIY Facebook Ads Step-By-Step Setup Tutorial Video
  • Michael's Personal High Performing Ads Library
  • Bonus Facebook Ads Secrets Handbook
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Done For You Facebook Ads


I'll Do Your Ads For You

  • I'll create a Facebook Ad and set it up for you
  • 2 Weeks of Testing & Performance Monitoring Included
  • All Basic Bundle Features are Included
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Ongoing Ads Services


Your Personal Facebook Ads Agent

  • I will work on your Facebook Ads Campaign for 12 months
  • I will Troubleshoot any issues that arise for 12 months
  • I will create New/Revised Ads for you as required
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*does not include ad spend
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Michael Gumley is the owner of Melbourne Guitar Academy - Australia's largest and highest-rated guitar school. He is also the head of Guitar at Topmusic, the author of the Guitar Ninjas series and the creator of the Six Figure Guitar Teacher Program where he helps guitar teachers grow their business.

While Michael has only been in the business coaching scene for just over 12 months, he brings more than a decade of business knowledge which he has used to grow multiple music teaching businesses beyond the multiple six-figure mark.

He's also been able to help 5 guitar teachers grow their music studios to 6 Figures in the 12 months he's been coaching giving his program a 100% success rate and an average of 6.7 months for clients to six figures!

Facebook Ads and an effective social media campaign have been integral to Michael building his own business and he can't wait to share his Facebook Ads secrets with you!

You Would Be Silly Not To Do This...


Let's say that you charge $25 per lesson...

If my $99 Facebook Ads Bundle helps you find just one single student and they stay with you for a single month, then you've made back your $99 plus $1 profit.

If you sign up 2 students then you've made $200 revenue in the first month alone, thats a return of 102% on your money (a better ROI than mutual funds, stocks, property or crypto). That number will only go up with every student you acquire and every month you retain them.

If you're interested in the $499 package where I save you 5-20 hours of writing an ad, building it in Facebook, testing it and troubleshooting any problems then you only need to sign up 5 students and have them stay with you for a single month to offset your investment. Every dollar after that is pure profit!

So If my ads help you get 10 more students and they stay with you for 6 months you'll earn $6000 of revenue... where else are you going to get that kind of return?

C'mon, this is a no-brainer, click the button below to get started!


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