Stop Wasting Your Life Working In A Job You Hate!

Life Is Too Short Not To Be Spent Doing What You Love! Let Me Show You How To Turn Your Passion For Guitar Into A Business That Will Fund Your Ideal Life!

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Turn Your Passion Into
A Six Figure Income!

Most guitar teachers struggle to get ahead financially and usually need to rely on some sort of 'day job' (which they hate) to make ends meet. We'll increase your financial IQ and show you how to easily make a six figure income teaching guitar on a part time schedule that works for you.

Free Up Your Schedule For More Important Things

Nothing is worse than spending the best part of your day working a job you hate and having nothing left in the tank for your personal music projects. We'll show you how to build a schedule around your music career so that the best part of your day goes to working for you.

Create A Life Of
Wealth & Abundance

Break free of your current financial limitations and create the life you have always dreamed of having. Whether it's touring, teaching remotely from a tropical paradise or simply supporting your family, you deserve to get everything you want out of life without compromise!

Increase Your Financial IQ 

Learn how money works, how to set up and run an effective business, and the financial principles that the rich use to build wealth. You can use this new found knowledge to create quickly get ahead financially and start creating the kind of wealth that will significantly increase your standard of living for you and your family.

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Level Up Your Teaching Skills

In order to become the most in-demand guitar teacher that dominates your local area you'll need the skills and knowledge that will differentiate you as the expert. Take your teaching to the next level with in depth knowledge in the fields of educational psychology, sports science and modern gamification taught in the context of high-performance guitar coaching.

Prime Your Mindset For Success

Success is a state of mind and if you can create a vision of your ideal life and believe in every fibre of your being that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams, then nothing in the world will ever stop you! We'll start by priming your mindset for success and guide you towards victory!

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A Message From The Original Six Figure Guitar Teacher

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Hello There!

My name is Michael Gumley and I am a Multiple 6 Figure Earning Guitar Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I'm here to help you break free of your current financial situation so you can earn real money teaching guitar and start getting ahead in life. While some of you may be skeptical about the possibility of earning such a large amount simply from teaching guitar, hear me out.

I started out like most guitar teachers with a mindset along the lines of "If I could just make enough money to get by so that I can play guitar on the side, I'll be happy..."

I can't believe how wrong and limiting this mindset was for myself, my students, my family and practically everyone I cared about.

I was one of those guys who played guitar for 6 hours a day from Day 1 when I started at the age of 15, and continued like this all the way through university. I had a burning desire to be the world's best guitar player and wanted nothing more than to be a professional musician.

My career path was to become a classroom music teacher so that I could earn a living, and then do all my gigging at night. At least that's what my music teacher and guitar teacher at school told me it should be.

You see, I would have much preferred to be a touring musician and travel round the world with my band, but I was told that was unrealistic, that this only happened to a small percentage of people and to be safe, I had to get a day job to earn money and could work on my music career on the side.

Now these teachers had good intentions and my best interest at heart, but rather than prepare me to work my ass off to make becoming a rockstar a reality, they put me on the same trajectory that they were on...working a 9-5 in a classroom where 3/4 of the kids didn't want to be there while I did small function band gigs on the side.

So let me get this straight...

We're meant to spend 10,000 hours mastering our instrument, thousands of dollars learning from guitar teachers as we develop, then spend tens of thousands of dollars more on a university degree just so we can become a classroom teacher and play gigs on the side with less than 100 people in attendance...

This just didn't sit right with me at all. However it appeared to be the reality for almost every professional musician I knew. Teach at a school or university, and do gigs on the side.

None of them were rich, none of them were free from the 9-5 grind, and they certainly weren't living living the rockstar lives they talked about with their own students.

So I started educating myself on money, finances and success principles, and that is when my world changed forever.

I read countless business books, took a few online courses on how to become successful, and learned how I could create any future that I envisioned, then most importantly, I took massive action and implemented everything I learned. The results were huge, and almost instant.

To give you an idea of what happened, allow me to breakdown my experience:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 25 (2011 to 2015) I earned about $18,000 a year working a combined 12-16 hours a week at the local supermarket and another 20 hours a week teaching guitar and gigging. I was hardly breaking the bank.
  • in 2016 I earned over $120,000 teaching guitar working just 20 hours per week as a solo teacher after implementing many of the success principles that I had learned.
  • In 2017 I earned over $200,000 teaching guitar still as a solo teacher, I was working considerably more hours but it was well worth the payoff!
  • In 2018 I hired my first teacher and admin assistant to take some of the workload so that I could continue to grow my business bigger and bigger.

Fast forward to today and my guitar school has over 6 teachers working for me (with another four working in the vocal and keyboard program run by my partner (The Six Figure Piano & Voice Teacher) and we are quickly approaching our target of earning $1,000,000 a year from teaching music lessons!

This all started because I made a decision that I wouldn't accept being a broke musician who could barely afford the rent.

I made a decision that I would be rich, that I would create a guitar teaching business to get me there, and that I would be able to fund a lifestyle that allowed me to tour in my band, buy all the music gear I wanted and provide a life of freedom and abundance for my family.

I was able to envision that dream, and make it a reality and completely turn my life around in less than three years.

If you're reading this right now and your earning $20,000-$40,000 a year working a job you don't like, I want to show you how you can replace that income stream with guitar lessons and make music the sole focus of your life.

If you're already teaching guitar, I want to show you how you can make tens of thousands of dollars more while working less hours so that you can provide a better experience for your students, and can free umpire time to spend on your musical projects, or with your family.

It's all possible, I am proof of it, and if I can do it, so can you...

Let me show you how!

Make A Decision To
Take Control Of Your Life

I once had a girlfriend who asked me "when are you going to stop playing guitar and get a real job?"

At the time I was earning less than $20k a year and there was no way I was going to be able to support her or a family when it came time for kids, so she had legitimate concerns.

Less than a year later I was earning $100,000 a year from teaching guitar, and it wasn't long before I doubled that. It all came from making a decision.

Do you want to be rich? Do you want to be able to afford the best guitar gear? Do you want to deck out your studio with professional equipment? Do you want to fund touring for your band or solo career? Do you want to put your children through college? Do you simply want to provide for your family and never have to worry about money again?

All of these things take money. I can show you how to make money easily, more easily than you ever thought possible.

So if you've found yourself saying yes to any of the questions above, you need to let me help you. Make a decision to become a Six Figure Guitar Teacher and take control of your life!

Show Me How To Make 6 Figures