Why I Shifted From Teaching Guitar To Coaching Guitar Teachers How To Make 6 Figures Per Year

Apr 08, 2023
how to make more money teaching guitar

Hey guys, My name is Michael and I am a guitar teacher and music educator from Melbourne Australia.

Some of you might know me from Topmusic Pro, Guitar Ninjas or have seen me contributing on Facebook Groups and Guitar Forums here, there and everywhere!

I've been sitting on the fence about this for a while now but have finally decided to step into the online teaching space and start coaching guitar teachers.

I'm doing this for 3 primary reasons:

#1 To Help Guitar Teachers Build A Better Life For Themselves By Avoiding The Mistakes, Pitfalls and Heartaches I Went Through Figuring Out By Myself

I remember how much it sucked having a boss tell me I couldn't get time off for gigs and touring, how frustrating it was when my girlfriend (at the time) was putting pressure on me to "quit music and get a real job" because the guitar wasn't paying the bills, and how much it hurt missing opportunities in my music career because I (and my bandmates) didn't have the money at the time to front the bill for a tour with a really big band that could have been the turning point of our entire music career...

If I could help more guitarists and guitar teachers make more money from teaching guitar and build businesses conducive to setting up a life with freedom of time and opportunity so that they didn't have to miss out on those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities when they do roll around, I'd be very happy with myself'

#2 To Help Guitar Teachers Who Were Significantly Affected By The Pandemic Bounce Back And Adapt To The New Playing Field In A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has really turned the world upside down and musicians most of all have been hit really hard. The market has been flooded with cheap lessons and everyone is undercutting each other, our clients are still hesitant to return to face-to-face learning and many of us have watched our livelihood disappear overnight and have decided to throw in the towel and seek greener pastures elsewhere.

For those looking to rebuild, I want to help you not only regain what you lost, but to build back bigger and better so that you can adapt to the new playing field we find ourselves in and not just survive, but thrive!

#3 I'm sick of all these online marketing gurus with no credentials asking me if I'd like to take their course when I know I'm more qualified than them to be giving advice.

Like most of you guys, I'm getting really sick of these 'social media make money online gurus' messaging me trying to sell me a course or a coaching program without ever having built their own successful business or doing anything significant to warrant them being an authority on the subject.

Now I understand how the game works, they took a how-to make-money online course in the middle of lockdown, learned a trick or two on how to get new clients and then move on to the next step of the course which is to go out and find their own clients to teach the tricks to in a pyramid scheme fashion.

No hard feelings there and I respect the hustle, but these guys are only a few steps ahead of the people they are trying to teach and are providing them with short-term tactics instead of long-term business strategies. Your top secret "get a student a day using ads" trick might have worked last year but now Tik Tok is the trending platform, Facebook ads have died and you're frantically trying to sell something that doesn't work and everyone who bought from you is now looking for another guru to sell them the next trick to get more students through the door.

Now the honest truth is that when I get messages from these people asking me if I want to learn how to make $3-4k per month teaching guitar it annoys me because I'm already grossing $50k a month in my own business. Not to mention when people with 10% of the Instagram followers I have and no engagement to their posts whatsoever try to sell me on their course to get "thousands of followers" I'm like "Bro, if it works why are you only getting 3 likes on every post?"

There is definitely a little bit of ego on my behalf, but that little jealous voice inside my head asks "are they even qualified to be giving that advice? what have they actually done in their own teaching business? I'm probably also right when that little voice says "I could do what you're doing, and I can probably do it better than they are..."

So that's what I am going to do.

Introducing The Six Figure Guitar Teacher

I'm happy to announce I'll be launching my Six Figure Guitar Teacher Program where I will be coaching highly motivated and success-driven guitar teachers who want to make serious money so that they can earn a full-time income teaching part-time hours and have more time for all the other important things in life.

Instead of teaching you isolated marketing tactics that become ineffective each time the algorithm changes, I'll be giving you the exact blueprint I used to earn my first $100,000 in a single year teaching guitar as a solo guitar teacher, upgrading with all the processes I used to scale my business to $200,000 and eventually close to $300k before I hired other teachers.

So if you're constantly looking for the next piece of the puzzle and can't seem to make everything click into place, perhaps the solution isn't finding that "one thing" or the elusive "expert secret" that will magically connect all the dots, but rather learning how to build (or rebuild) your business on solid foundations with connected, interrelated systems that work together like a well- oiled machine.

If this is something that interests you, get in touch! This is a NO BS course and my advice won't come cheap, but if you put in the time and do the work you are certain to get your business to 6 figures by the end of 2022! Make an investment in yourself now and watch how much better your life becomes as you make another $5000-$10,000 per month more than what you're currently making now!

DM me if you're interested or head to www.MichaelGumley.com to find out more and see if you qualify
PS. If you're a guitarist and you're on social media you'll be getting a message from me, I apologise in advance

About The Author - Michael Gumley

Michael Gumley is a professional guitar teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He has over 15 years of experience teaching guitar and is the owner of Melbourne Guitar Academy and the author of Guitar Ninjas - a modern guitar curriculum for students of all ages.

Michael helps guitar teachers grow successful teaching businesses. He is an expert at helping his clients get students to use both online and offline marketing methods while making things super simple to understand and execute.

If you're interested in starting your own guitar teaching business, levelling up your teaching skills, or ramping up operations in your music school then reaching out to request a free strategy session will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Want To Earn $100,000 Or More Teaching Guitar

At Six Figure Guitar Teacher we help Guitarists and Guitar Teachers create a life of financial freedom through success principles, frugality hacks and savvy business processes.

If you're tired of working the 9-5 grind in a job you hate, we'll show you how you can replace your income through guitar teacher so that you can make guitar playing and your music career your main priority!

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