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six figure guitar teacher Apr 08, 2023
How to make more money teaching guitar

Hello There!

My name is Michael Gumley I'm the Six Figure Guitar Teacher!

I help guitar teachers find more students, grow their studios and make lots more money!

I've created a program that helps guitar teachers build a business that provides for them and their families, and facilitates their ideal lifestyle!

Too many musicians play life on 'hard mode' because they never took the time to become financially educated. As a result despite being amazing at their instrument, they are always broke or struggling to make ends meet.

If we just learned a little bit more about how money worked, became a bit more financially savvy and applied some basic business principles to what we do, we can create a thriving business that funds our music career, gives us the financial security and allows us to pursue our music careers and creative ventures without spending the best part of our day working in a 9-5 to make ends meet.

Once upon a time I was a broke musician who had the mentality of "as long as I'm playing guitar and doing what I love, then I'll be happy..."

I really had no idea how the world worked.

It wasn't until I became financially educated and took responsibility for myself did I realise that life is so much easier when you are financially secure, and that teaching guitar is a great way to turn your passion for music into a business that will provide for you and your family for life.

While I have my paid Six Figure Guitar Teacher Business Blueprint program which will show you how to make $100,000+ teaching guitar, I want to use this blog to share advice about guitar teaching and business so that guitar teachers all around the world can get in a better position financially and everyone around them can get the benefit from that.

What You Can Expect From This Blog

I will be sharing:

  • Guitar Teaching Tips
  • Financial Advice for Musicians
  • Business Building Concepts
  • Success Principles and Personal Develop Concepts

My goal is to help guitar teachers grow their businesses and become better teachers so that they benefit, their families benefit, their students benefit and their communities benefit from the positive influence it has on their life.

Stay tuned for more free guitar teaching tips and resources which I will share on this blog and in the newsletter which you can sign up for below.


About The Author - Michael Gumley

Michael Gumley is a professional guitar teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He has over 15 years of experience teaching guitar and is the owner of Melbourne Guitar Academy and the author of Guitar Ninjas - a modern guitar curriculum for students of all ages.

Michael helps guitar teachers grow successful teaching businesses. He is an expert at helping his clients get students to use both online and offline marketing methods while making things super simple to understand and execute.

If you're interested in starting your own guitar teaching business, levelling up your teaching skills, or ramping up operations in your music school then reaching out to request a free strategy session will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


Want To Earn $100,000 Or More Teaching Guitar

At Six Figure Guitar Teacher we help Guitarists and Guitar Teachers create a life of financial freedom through success principles, frugality hacks and savvy business processes.

If you're tired of working the 9-5 grind in a job you hate, we'll show you how you can replace your income through guitar teacher so that you can make guitar playing and your music career your main priority!

Show Me How To Make $100,000 Teaching Guitar

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